A Quiet Time in Beijing

Beijing can be overwhelming at times but a great time to visit is during winter. The pollution is not terrible since the air is cold and dry and there are very few people out and about. Of course, this means that you will have to brave the cold but it’s no worse that New York in the winter and you will get the whole place to yourself.
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Favorite Food Mainstays in New York

I grew up in New York and it’s always held a special place in my heart so I thought it might be fun to do a small series of NYC posts. One of my favorite things about NYC is how easy it is to find delicious food. I’ve seen a lot of places come and go but here are some of my favorite places that have been around for a while. The service in all of these places is really warm and makes you feel extremely comfortable. If you get the chance to visit any of these places, you’ll immediately see why they’ve been around for so long.  Continue reading “Favorite Food Mainstays in New York”

Hikes and Food in the Toronto area

I visit Canada pretty often and always discover new things when I go there. I’ll list some of them in this post.

The nice thing about Canada is that in a lot of towns, there is enough space for a fairly large park so you can basically go for a outdoorish walk no matter where you are. We went to Dundas Peak near Hamilton and walked along the Bruce Trail in November and found some really lovely foliage.

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