A Day in Corcovado National Park

I really wanted to go to Corcovado National Park so we took a day trip with Perla del Sur to Sirena station. The cost is $130 per person and includes lunch (Beware vegetarians, their idea of a vegetarian meal is asking you to remove the ham from a ham and cheese sandwich). It starts at 7 (ish) from Sierpe (do not eat the food from the Perla del Sur restaurant, it is not good! Coffee is ok though.) and you take a boat for about 2 hours through the mangroves (stopping for any crocodiles or caimans) and into the Pacific Ocean to reach Sirena. There’s a possibility of seeing dolphins on the boat trip but we only saw one really far away. Upon reaching Corcovado, we hiked for about 4 hours around the Sirena Ranger Station before returning by boat. While Corcovado is well known for its wildlife, I didn’t hold out so much hope since we were going during the day and animals tend to sleep at this time but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Our guide, Stanley, was great at spotting wildlife and every guide brings along a scope so that you can see the animals up in the treetops. I fully recommend visiting Corcovado if you are anywhere near the area. The rest of this post is basically just going to be pictures of all the animals we saw that day. Enjoy!

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