Iceland in a Weekend: Icelandic Horses and the Secret Lagoon

Having seen all kinds of cool stuff in the eastern part of Iceland, we made our way back on Route 1 to the western part. Read on for our adventures in the western part (map at end of post).

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Searching for Northern Lights in Tromso

Your plane is landing in Tromso. You’ve been told to keep your eyes open as you land and you half-heartedly look out the window. To your great shock you see a band of bright green across the sky. The northern lights have appeared to welcome you to Tromso. As your plane lands you see more streaks of pale green in the sky. You can’t believe your luck. On the night of your arrival, the skies are clear enough to see the northern lights. You look out your hotel window and there they are. You take an easy drive to Ersfjordbotn and find the lights again.

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