Iceland in a Weekend: Ice Caving in Photos

The first time I went to Iceland I was extremely unsuccessful in visiting an ice cave due to rain and flooding. But not this time! We visited two ice caves on our wonderful tour with Local Guides of Vatnajokull. Here’s the tour in photos.

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Sightseeing in Iceland

We left the comfort of Reykjavik to explore some of the nature of Iceland. We drove along the southern part of the Ring Road, where we were treated to waterfalls every few minutes as well as the landscape going from black to bright yellow to bright green and back almost immediately one after the other. We also stopped at a black sand beach near Vik, though the water was too cold to do any swimming. After about four hours of driving, we arrived at Vatnajokull glacier to meet our guide Einar for some ice climbing. But sadly when we arrived at the base of the glacier, the entrance was blocked by a rushing river. Einar was kind enough to take us to Jokulsarlon, a glacial lagoon with large chunks of frozen ice and also refunded us half of our payment since we were unable to do the climb.

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