Iceland in a Weekend: Icelandic Horses and the Secret Lagoon

Having seen all kinds of cool stuff in the eastern part of Iceland, we made our way back on Route 1 to the western part. Read on for our adventures in the western part (map at end of post).

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Things to do in Taiwan (Part 2)

In this post, I’ll describe¬†some of my favorite places to visit in Taiwan. All of these places are accessible by public transportation but if you are short on time, cabs are fairly cheap in Taiwan.

In Taipei:

Longshan Temple – Buddhism is the common religion in Taiwan and you will see multiple altars in stores as well as small temples in houses as you walk along the street but the biggest temple in Taipei is Longshan Temple. It’s an interesting place to visit and easily accessible on the MRT (Longshan Station). There are lots of vendors outside offering packages of offerings (usually incense, candles, and fruits). The temple is huge and intricate and always full of people (at any given time many people will be praying at the large offering table in the center or at the many small incense pots). I love just hanging out here and people-watching. One fun thing is that in the MRT station you can also get your fortune told by fortunetellers who use birds as their guides.

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