Climbing Rest Days in Red Rocks

When I go on climbing trips, I want to climb all day every day but it’s important to rest as well. Luckily, during our recent trip to Red Rocks, we found a few non-Strip things (recognize the value of it but it’s just not my scene) to fill our rest days:

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Climbing in Nahal Prat Reserve, Israel

We took a day trip to climb some rocks in the Nahal Prat ReserveĀ (about a 20 minute drive outside of Jerusalem through a couple of checkpoints) and had a picnic afterward in front of a cave. On the trip there, our Israeli version of Tom Tom kept telling us we were above the speed limit but did not tell us to go under it. We went with a rock climbing guide who set up 3 routes of increasing difficulty; the hardest one had a middle section under an overhang. If you go climbing, be sure to drink lots and lots of water. I may have gotten a bit of heat stroke during the climb. We then hiked a bit further into a park and had a picnic in a cave above Nahal PratĀ springs. The springs were a great way to cool off in the hot sun and little fish pecked at our feet.

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