Where to buy all the meats (and other staples) in Rotterdam

Everytime I told anyone I was moving to Rotterdam, they all told me to be prepared to eat terribly. While the number of different kinds of fried objects available here are a bit alarming, I’ve actually been eating great here. That’s due, in no small part, to the awesome grocery stores and specialty food stores in Rotterdam. Here are my favorite grocery stores that I’ve found so far in my few weeks here (map at the end of the post):

  1. Slagerij Schell: they have all different kinds of meats here (pork, chicken, lamb, beef). The prices are super reasonable and they stock a lot of things that you can’t find in a typical supermarket. We found pork shoulder (for pulled pork!), bacon (for life!), and real italian sausages. For my asians out there, they stock beef flank (transliterated as noks tijn) so you can make marinated beef or beef noodle soup!
  2. Amazing Oriental Supermarket: not sure I’m supposed to condone the use of the word “Oriental” but this supermarket indeed has an amazing number of Asian products. I go here for Shin ramen, dumpling ingredients, Lao Gan Ma chili oil, and green tea Kit Kats. They also have many different kinds of frozen goods as well as Asian vegetables.
  3. Schmidt Zeevis: this fish market is a bit far but they are ginormous and have a great selection of fresh seafood. They also have a great fish soup so you can have lunch here to boost your energy for the way back.
  4. De Kaashoeve: lest you think I spend all my time on West-Kruiskade, I also very much like this cheese shop on Oude Binneweg. The Dutch love their Gouda and there is an excellent selection here but they carry great international cheeses as well.
  5. Jordy’s Bakery: they make delicious crusty bread here and also olive oil (because you need something to dip the bread in, duh). You can also get your bread sliced here into thin or thick slices, which is a nice option.
  6. Marqt: this is like upscale Albert Heijn (see below). They have a really good selection of prepared foods as well as fish, cheese, and meats. I’m also a big fan of their beverage and pate section.
  7. Albert Heijn: The sheer number of Albert Heijn stores in Rotterdam makes it one of my favorites. I can literally have a desire for chips or peanut butter anywhere in Rotterdam and be a block away from satisfying that craving. They are also pretty well-organized and open until 10 pm every day except Sunday. Albert Heijns are not shown in the map because they are EVERYWHERE.

A Food-Filled Layover in Amsterdam

I had a few hours in Amsterdam before catching my next flight so I decided to spend it exploring the city. It is super convenientĀ to get from the airport to the city; the direct train runs all of the time and it only takes 20 minutes and costs about 4 euro. Amsterdam is a small city so you can walk it but if you are pressed for time, the tram system is fantastic; you can buy a 24 hour ticket that allows you to ride the tram at will for 7.5 euro.
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