Food in Ojochal

We had some really great food in Ojochal. Here are some of my favorite dishes and places.

Restaurante Pinuelas (about 50 meters south of the entrance to Playa Pinuelas) – this soda has super good ceviche and super fresh seafood. I don’t know how many ceviche mixtos (with fish and shrimp) I ate at this place. Be sure to get the ceviche with patacones (fried smashed salty plaintains). The lime juice in the ceviche and the salt in the patacones complement each other perfectly. They also serve a fried whole red snapper that you can get in small, medium, or large. A medium is just the right size for two people. It comes with vegetables and nacho chips. The fish is perfectly crisp. They don’t sell fish tacos, which I love, but you can make your own by ordering the breaded fish (pescado empanizado) and asking for a portion of “tiernas” (small flour tortillas). The breaded fish is crispy and soft and comes with french fries, steamed vegetables, and tartar sauce. My boyfriend loved the filete de pescado casado. Casado is a dish that you can get at most sodas in Costa Rica; it consists of some type of meat of your choosing and salad, rice, vegetables, beans, and sweet plantains. This dish was just perfect for lunch after a morning of swimming. As you can see, we REALLY liked Restaurante Pinuelas. Note that they close when they run out of ceviche, which is usually around sunset. A meal for 2 with drinks is about $20.

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Food in Tulum

We had lots of really good food on our trip to Tulum. We stayed on the southern part of the beach so we had a couple of meals at restaurants along the beach road. Beach restaurants are quite a bit more expensive than the restaurants in town but some of them are really quite good. I recommend buying some snacks and breakfast stuff at either Chedraui or Super San Francisco (they’ve got good breakfast pastries too if you want to stop by on your way to an excursion) to save having to order everything.

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