A Colorful Day in Avanos

On our last day in Cappadocia, Omar from the Safran Cave Hotel, brought us to Avanos, a larger town about 10 minutes from Goreme. Avanos is well-known for its beautiful ceramics and we had the chance to visit Omurlu Ceramics. You can learn more about their story here. Upon entering, they offer Turkish tea and demonstrate pottery-making and give you a chance to try throwing pots as well.
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Cappadocia: Part 2 (Photos from the Ground)

We had a wonderful time exploring Cappadocia by foot on the Golden Hiking Tour with New Goreme Tours. Our guide Gulsah was super friendly and knowledgeable about the landscape and history. She also taught us our new favorite Turkish phrase, “Tehlike Benim Adim,” which means “Danger is my name.” This is apparently what Turkish people say upon seeing a sign that says TEHLIKE. On our tour, we explored the Pigeon and Love Valleys as well as the Rose and Red Valleys. It was uber hot but we stopped often at little cafes to hang out with locals, who all seemed to know and like Gulsah. There were lots of places to buy 1TL bottles of water (sweet deals!). Here’s a photo tour of our hike:
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Cappadocia: Part 1 (Photos from the Sky)

One of the interesting things I learned during my stay in Cappadocia was that it means Land of the Beautiful Horses. We didn’t go horseback riding but we did manage to take a ride into the sky with Royal Balloons. We had a fantastic ride with Seniz, who is the most senior female balloon pilot in Turkey (this was an interesting change from Jordan, where all of the people we met were men). She was super friendly and taught us lots of things about flying hot air balloons (the fact I liked the most is that the wind changes at different altitudes so the way hot air balloons move laterally is by changing their altitude). Here are some photos from our awesome day:
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