Climbing all 730 steps to the Monastery in Petra

For our second day in Petra, we decided to go up to the Monastery. This trail is not as long as the trail to view the Treasury so yay! but there is very little shade so you do still have to absolutely bring water! There is a nice man that sells water just before the beginning of the trail for 1 dinar. Buy some. Also, in the summer, do not attempt this trail between the hours of 12pm and 3pm. It is WAY too hot and we saw many people give up and turn back. After those disclaimers, here are some lovely things you will see along the way before reaching the Monastery, which is beautiful and huge!
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Photo Tour of the “Secret” Trail in Petra

One of my lifelong goals has been to visit Petra and it did not disappoint. While I was looking for information about it online, I came across some posts about a secret trail that brings you to a view above the Treasury. I still managed to get lost a bit before finding the trail so I decided to make a fool-proof guide to locating the trail and show you what you will see along the way. Note that the full trail back and forth will take about 1.5 hours and it includes quite a few steps. I recommend doing it in the afternoon to hide from the heat and see a great view of the sun set over the valley below. The trail is not exactly a secret; it is marked on the map as the Al-Khubtha Trail and there are signs pointing to the trailhead.
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