24 Hours in Cambridge

I was in Cambridge for the day and was really excited to visit my favorite places. Here’s a rundown of my day going through some of the best that Cambridge has to offer.
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Best food in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Since I’m leaving Cambridge, I thought I should compile a list of my favorite places to eat in the area (in no particular order and I’m using area in a broad sense):

Life Alive (at the corner of Mass Ave and Inman St) – Awesome vegetarian place (I think technically they are vegan). they really celebrate vegetables. i always get the Alchemist and a Ginger Crush (be forewarned, this is extremely gingery).

Hungry Mother (at the corner of Cardinal Medeiros and Bristol St) – everyone loves this place including me. their special fried chicken is all kinds of glorious and the vegetables that come with whatever beef dish is on the menu somehow always turn out delicious (creamed corn, parsnip fries, etc.). the beef tongue starter is also great. they also give out tiny peanutty, chocolatey, oat squares with every check.
Sofra (at the corner of Belmont St and Holworthy St) – great for breakfast/brunch. their yogurt is fresh and beautiful; the spinach falafel (with pickles!) is perfectly fried and comes with a nice beet yogurt and watercress (I love watercress!). they also have semolina pancakes and sahlep (made of orchid flour, hot water, and cinnamon) in the winter. their sister restaurant Oleana also does a great cheese plate that comes with these flaky crunchy things called crick-cracks.

Toro (on Washington St between W Springfield and Worcester St in the South End) – the best tapas in Boston. literally everything on their menu is good. and they have churros con chocolate for dessert!

B&G Oyster (at the corner of Tremont St and Waltham St in the South End) – their fish is always super fresh and their cucumber gazpacho is amazingly refreshing in the summer. they also have a lovely outdoor space in the winter.

Alive & Kicking Lobsters  (Putnam Avenue near River St) – huge and delicious lobster sandwich with chips for $14.95. you can also buy fish here if you want. it’s in a totally random place on putnam ave, near river st.

Shiki (at the corner of Babcock St and Harvard St in Brookline) – extremely well done japanese food. they specialize in small plates and subtle flavors. i love the chawanmushi and the seared beef with vegetables.

Shangri-La (149 Belmont St in Belmont) – I love love love this place for their version of dim sum. They have beef wrapped in sesame pancakes, pork belly buns, and warm soy milk. Be sure to get there a few minutes before they open or the wait will be super long.

Basta Pasta (Western Ave near Hews St) – they make pretty delicious italian food for a pretty cheap price. I always order the risotto with prosciutto and goat cheese with a side of garlic bread. this is more than enough for 2 meals.

Menton (Congress St near Thompson Pl) – our waiter was the perfect blend of knowledgeable and entertaining. the food was amazing and the drinks come from Drink so do order cocktails with your meal. go! celebrate! be happy!

Coast Cafe (233 River St) – best. fried. chicken. ever.

Kaju Tofu (58 Harvard Ave) – really great soondubu (spicy tofu soup) and good BBQ short ribs; they have a combo where you can get both. they also give an assortment of small dishes.

T.W. Food (377 Walden St) – I’ve only had jazz brunch here and I’ve always been happy with it. their orange juice is extremely fresh and all aspects of the food are just very well done. my brunch-hating boyfriend even likes this place.

West Side Lounge (1680 Mass Ave, Cambridge– good standby burger. they just started doing a small dishes thing, which lets you choose from a few really delectable dishes. the fried plaintains with guacamole is good as well as the whipped goat cheese crostini. I also enjoy the parmesan truffle fries.

Featured Image by Jan Mark Holzer

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