Skiing and Physics in Aspen

Aspen is well-known for its skiing but it’s also home to the Aspen School of Physics. The Aspen School of Physics holds conferences that physicists always try to go to in both the winter and the summer. It’s easy to see why, you get to stay at the awesome Aspen Meadows Resort (which has a great on-site restaurant and also a heated saltwater lap pool and hot tub) and the talks are scheduled around midday skiing in the winter and midday hiking in the summer. As part of these conferences, there are free public talks given by leading physicists each Wednesday at 5:30pm, which I highly encourage attending if you’re at all interested in learning about how the world works. Plus physicists really like to use amusing graphics in their talks so at least the slides will be entertaining! There’s also a physics cafe beforehand at 4:30, where you can ask a physicist anything (literally, anything!). So if you want to get in a bit of learning after a day of skiing, you can consult the Winter Schedule here.

Featured Image by Eamonn O Muiri

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Hanging out in Denver

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