Rotterdam Here I Come!

I’ll be living abroad for the first time ever and so will be changing the focus of this blog a bit. I’m currently finding it difficult to find blogs about food and yoga and general life in Rotterdam (probably because I can’t yet speak Dutch) so I decided to write my own. If you know of any good Rotterdam blogs, please let me know! In the meantime, I will be jotting down my thoughts and finds (food-related and otherwise) as I discover Rotterdam. I’ll, of course, still continue documenting the good things I find on my trips abroad.


A Food-Filled Layover in Amsterdam

I had a few hours in Amsterdam before catching my next flight so I decided to spend it exploring the city. It is super convenientĀ to get from the airport to the city; the direct train runs all of the time and it only takes 20 minutes and costs about 4 euro. Amsterdam is a small city so you can walk it but if you are pressed for time, the tram system is fantastic; you can buy a 24 hour ticket that allows you to ride the tram at will for 7.5 euro.
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