Thanksgiving in Geneva

I went to visit my sister in Geneva for Thanksgiving and it’s a very lovely city for exploring on foot. Before going, I asked her to take me to a good chocolate shop and her response was: “you can get a good chocolate bar here for $.45 dude.”¬†Truth! But I still found a favorite shop: La Bonbonniere¬†on Rue de Rive, which sells the most amazing pistachio chocolates I have ever eaten. I don’t have many other food recommendations since we ate Thanksgiving dinner with my sister’s study abroad program but what I can recommend is checking out the UN and the Parc des Bastions where you’ll find life size chess boards (and people concentrating very hard on them). I also found some random cool looking cars while we were walking around.

The Broken Chair at the entrance to the UN
Guardians of the Parc des Bastions (actually Reformation figures Farel, Calvin, Beza, and Knox)

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