About Me


I travel to remind myself how lucky I am to experience the world we live in. Depending on my mood, this might involve going to a city and eating myself silly or it might involve going to a beach with no people and just watching the waves. I created this blog to share some of the cool places I’ve found around the world (and also to help some of the cool people I’ve met). I’ll also periodically post about some of my favorite things in my hometown of New York City.

If you have any questions about NYC or any of the places on this blog, let me know! I’m happy to help. Also let me know if you have suggestions about where to go next:

Sidenote: the purple part of the name comes from a NYC cab driver. An off-duty taxi driver once picked me up in the middle of pouring rain and told me he came from a line of fortune tellers in India. They never charged any money for their talent but happily gave it out for free. He told me that he stopped for me because I had a very purple aura and should not be afraid to succeed. While I don’t quite believe in such things, it’s still an unexpectedly lovely thing to hear so it’s stuck with me. For those who do believe in such things, the cab driver never put the meter down and charged me the exact amount of small bills that I had in my wallet. Coicidence? Maybe.


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