Iceland in a Weekend: Ice Caving in Photos

The first time I went to Iceland I was extremely unsuccessful in visiting an ice cave due to rain and flooding. But not this time! We visited two ice caves on our wonderful tour with Local Guides of Vatnajokull. Here’s the tour in photos.

Local Guide headquarter is at a gas station. It looks like it’s super early but it’s already 9:30 AM!
we needed huge wheels to get to the glacier
putting on crampons before our walk on the glacier
walking on the glacier
the entrance to Treasure Island ice cave
it’s a tight fit…


exitiing the ice cave
we also got a unique view of Jokulsarlon
ice cave numero dos: the light room
it’s quite airy in here
we ended the tour with a stop at Diamond Beach where pieces of ice wash up on the black sand
Jokulsarlon from its typical viewpoint

Not a bad day all in all. If you are going to take a tour with Local Guides, I would suggest staying somewhere close by. We stayed at the Hamrafoss Holiday Home, which is about a 50 minute drive to Local Guide HQ. It was convenient and across from the beautiful Foss a Sidu waterfall.

What do you think of the Icelandic ice caves?


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