How to see penguins in Punta Arenas

You’re probably in Punta Arenas because you are on your way somewhere else. But if you have a day to spare, I definitely recommend going to Isla Magdalena to check out some penguins and sea lions. Solo Expediciones is the only company that goes there outside of high season (before December or after January). To maximize your chance of actually going to the island, you should go to Solo Expediciones HQ (shown on the map at the end) basically as soon as you arrive in Punta Arenas. You have to sail the Strait of Magellan to get to Isla Magdalena and the weather is not always great. Even if you are booked on another passage, you can and should go to the office and ask if they are going that day. If so, they will very nicely change your future ticket so that you can take the boat departing that day. That’s basically it; they will take care of everything else so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy these funny little animals:

just observing the tourists…
chilling out in his home
why hello there!
we weren’t allowed on Isla Marta, probably more for our safety than the sea lions’!

Note: if you get hungry in Punta Arenas, I strongly suggest you eat at La Marmita and Cafe Inmigrante (shown on the map). The food is delicious here and the proprietors of both establishments are super friendly.


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