Climbing Rest Days in Red Rocks

When I go on climbing trips, I want to climb all day every day but it’s important to rest as well. Luckily, during our recent trip to Red Rocks, we found a few non-Strip things (recognize the value of it but it’s just not my scene) to fill our rest days:

        1. Day Trip to Death Valley National Park. It’s a two-hour drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley and it is definitely worth it. There are so many different landscapes here; we saw sand dunes, salt flats, and many colorful hills. Bring water; it is hot here all the time. Be sure to stop by the Alien-themed brothel/gas station and the Goldwell Open Air Museum on the way there for some interesting sights.
          the borax mine in Death Valley

          art in an unusual setting at the Goldwell Open Air Museum
        2. Akhob in the Louis Vuitton store at City Center Mall. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of this exhibit and it is actually on the Strip but this James Turrell exhibit is awesome. You go into the Louis Vuitton store and an attendant greets you for a ride to the secret floor. The elevator opens to an all-black room where the host in all-white hands you a waiver and makes sure you are hydrated (I imagine this is how the initiation into a secret society begins..). Then you’re off to 20 minutes in a room with constantly changing lights. It’s a super cool experience but often booked up so you should call (702) 730-3150 and make an appointment in advance.
        3. The Grand Canyon. I don’t think you need me to tell you how necessary this is. See picture.

          Hopi Point Grand Canyon 5
          photo by Tony Higgett
        4. Mojave National Preserve. No one visits this place so it’s a great place to go if you want to be alone. There are some of the highest sand dunes in North America, lava tubes, and also Joshua Trees!

          Near and Far
          Kelso dunes in Mojave, photo by Allan Der

        Enjoy the rest and may you climb better afterward!


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