My top tips for getting to Skellig Michael

So you want to get to Skellig Michael do you? You’ve chosen a difficult path but here are some tips to helping you get there.

  1. Call everyone on this list on Wikitravel to arrange a boat trip to the island. Note that things book up way in advance and your trip might get canceled in case of stormy weather.
  2. Stay with Michael Pendergast at Ocean Bliss B&B. He is literally the nicest man ever. Also, he knows all of the boat captains and can get you inside info on whether the boats will launch or not. If you do not have a seat, he will also do his best to get you a seat on a boat that’s going.
  3. Stay in the area for a few days. I think something like 50% of the trips are canceled because of bad weather so staying in the area increases your chances. There is a chocolate factory and also interesting ruins in the vicinity.
  4. Take motion sickness medicine. The boat ride out there is no joke. You are on a small fisherman’s boat on really rough seas. If you still get motion sickness, eyes on the horizon will also help.

Best of luck and if you are successful, you will be rewarded with the following views.

the calm before the storm
you made it! but now you have to climb quite a few stone steps to get to the top of Skellig Michael
where you can live out your star wars dreams
but be warned there are birds everywhere!
what awaits you at the top.

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