Relaxing at Lake Atitlan

After our 3 day trek, we decided to relax at Lake Atitlan for a few days. Best choice ever! The lake is beautiful and calming and there are lots of little villages to visit if you get tired of just lazing about. Here’s some of things that we loved at the lake:

We loved staying at Casa del Mundo. It’s set into the mountain near the town of Jaibalito and is extremely peaceful. There are kayaks to rent (go in the morning, the wind on the lake is no joke) and terraces with places to jump into the lake and swim. The food is also delicious; it’s just generally a lovely place to sit and read and relax.

the view from one of the terraces at Casa del Mundo
tasty tacos and a strawberry mint smoothie at Casa del Mundo

We also loved visiting the market at Solola (mostly because I love chaos). You take the chicken bus from Panajachel to Solola (2 quetzales); it will drop you off right at the market. And then just wander around the huge market and bargain for random trinkets. Note that this market is only open Tuesday and Friday.

there were lots of tortilla stands
fresh vegetables for sale next to a CD shop.

We loved our tuk-tuk tour of the villages surrounding Panajachel. Jenna from Jenna’s River Bed and Breakfast arranged a 2-hour private tuk tuk tour for 200 quetzales. Our driver (who I’m ashamed to say I’ve now forgotten the name of) took us to weaving cooperatives and painting cooperatives as well as local markets. He was super friendly and willing to take us wherever we wanted to go.

learning how to weave in Santa Catarina Palopo

We loved the drinks at Cafe Loco. This shop was like a little piece of Brooklyn in Panajachel. Drop in for a coffee or a blue moon (blue lemonade, wayyyy tastier than it sounds).

Last stop: Tikal!


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