Hiking up Acatenango Volcano in photos

Antigua is a great base for exploring volcanoes and ruins. We went for a overnight hike with Ox Expeditions up Acatenango (with an optional extension to Fuego) and it was an amazing experience. While it’s not cheap ($89/person including lunch, dinner, and breakfast and camping gear), I felt taken care of and the porters and guides were really friendly. Note that the hike is strenuous and you may get altitude sickness so it’s important to go with a knowledgeable guide. 

Fog and clouds accompanied us on our hike
After the first hard section, you’re rewarded with some local coffee
The view of Fuego volcano from our base camp
Fuego was basically erupting the entire time we were there. The add-on hike goes to that ridge on the far right side of this picture
Fuego bathed in light during golden hour
the hike also includes marshmallows for smores and boxed wine
sunrise hike to the summit of acatenango. it is SUPER cold and windy. dress appropriately!
sliding down through sandy volcano fields is maybe the best part of the hike
coming down is significantly faster than going up and you see calla lilies and cornfields everywhere

Logistics: you can take a shuttle from Guatemala airport to Antigua. No need to prebook if you’re not in a rush; just ask one of the men in blue vests at the arrivals terminal and they will direct you to the nearest shuttle to Antigua. It costs $12/person. We stayed at the Ox Base Camp since we had to wake up at 5am for our hike. It was fine, there’s hot water and breakfast and a nice terrace to sit on to look at Fuego volcano if it’s erupting and it costs $9/person/night.

Stay tuned for our recovery day of eating and coffee and wandering in Antigua…


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