Let’s Explore NY: Theater for a New Audience

Let’s catch some awesome theater at the off-off-Broadway Theater for a New Audience and eat some tasty Mediterranean at Miriam. You can take pretty much any train here (literally, the 2,3,4,5,N,Q,R,B,D,G, and LIRR all stop nearby).

First, get some dinner at Miriam. They have warm and crispy flatbread (I like the za’atar best) for $3 and your choice of 3 mezes for $19. I love small plates so I only really order from this menu and everything on it is good. Their hummus is super fresh and the burekas are especially flaky. The service here is really friendly and they are very accommodating if you let them know you are trying to catch a play.

After dinner, take a short 10 minute walk to Theater for a New Audience on Ashland Place. Its home is officially called the Polonsky Shakespeare Center and the building all glass and light. I really love small theaters because I always feel much more immersed in the play when I’m closer to the stage. The staging here is pretty interesting; there is essentially and orchestra runway and the audience looks in on both sides. All of the plays I’ve seen here have been brilliant; there’s always a good mix of Shakespeare and more modern plays in the calendar.

Bonus tip: if you’re under 30 or a student you can get seats for $20 using the New Deal program (just enter NEWDEAL into the promo code section when purchasing).

Enjoy the show!



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