Lunching in Palm Desert

While being young and wild and free in the California desert, we stumbled upon 3 very tasty lunches. Be sure to stop by these places, next time you’re out spa-ing or hiking or Coachella-ing.

1. Wilma and Frieda’s Cafe. This place has  amazing brunch. They are famous for their short ribs eggs benedict; the meat is soft and the muffin is buttery. Their blackberry french toast is also pretty great; it’s filled with vanilla custard and comes with lots of fresh blackberries.

Short Rib Eggs Benedict at Wilma and Frieda’s Cafe

2. El Ranchito Cafe. The burritos here are big and tasty. They will probably last you the whole day and you won’t regret it. But the thing I like most here are the bunuelos, which are essentially like cinnamon dusted pita chips but flakier and crisper at the same time. Bonus: one order costs $1.

Bunuelos = deep fried goodness (1)

3. The Real Italian Deli. This place makes awesome sandwiches. I had a prosciutto with fresh mozzarella and sundried tomato sandwich that was perfect. They also sell lots of italian cookies if you have a weak spot for sweet treats (as I most definitely do!).

Prosciutto, mozzarella, and pellegrino for the win!

Happy eating!

(1) Photo by jjsala under creative commons

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