How much can I eat in 24 hrs? DC edition

I was only in DC for 1 day but I managed to eat some really good food while I was there. Here’s an account of all the food I could get my hands on in 24 hours.

Lomo Saltado at China Chilcano: I love Chifa (Peruvian-Chinese-Japanese) cuisine so I knew I had to stop by this new Jose Andres restaurant. My favorite Chifa dish by far is Lomo Saltado, which is steak in a soy sauce-based sauce served over vegetables and French fries. The China Chilcano version comes with matchstick potatoes and adds a nice crunch. I would definitely recommend coming here if you’ve never had Chifa food. They also have a sweet lunch deal for $20, which includes an appetizer, an entree (everyone around me was getting the aeropuerto rice-fried noodle-vegetable hodgepodge), and dessert.

Lomo Saltado at China Chilcano

Deep Fried Wings Dinner at Oohh’s and Aahh’s: They deep fry their wings here, which makes them really crunchy if a bit dry. But the sides that come with the dinner are to-die-for. I got mac and cheese that was perfectly creamy and cheesy. The yams were perfectly sweet. You can also get a piece of flaky, not-too-sweet cornbread for $1.00. They also have Cherry Coke.

8 wing dinner from Oohh’s and Aahh’s


The Eden at Beefsteak: I wanted to be slightly healthy so I got some steamed greens with quinoa at Beefsteak. The Eden comes with a tangy yogurt and cilantro sauce that give it a perfect tartness. They also have lots of fun toppings you can add to your dish to give it some crunch. I got the fried onions, corn nuts, and pretzels. Their lavender lemonade smelled heavenly and was super refreshing. This place made me wonder why there weren’t more places to get great veggies like this in NY.

Healthy Greens and Lavender Lemonade at Beefsteak


6 cookies at Captain Cookie and the Milk Man: I wish I could have captured the smell of this place and bottled it. They have multiple different cookies available and I wanted to try them all so I bought 6 for $7. All of them were soft and delicious but my favorites were the snickerdoodle and the peanut butter cookie. They also make ice cream sandwiches but it was a bit too cold for that..

Snickerdoodle, Nutella, Chocolate Chip and Walnut, Funfetti, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin from Captain Cookie


The Sofie at Buredo: Holy crap was this good. Buredo makes essentially gigantic sushi rolls; some call it a sushi-rrito. The Sofie was filled with avocado, shrimp tempura, red tobiko, lettuce, carrots, and sriracha mayo for a tasty flavor bomb. I could eat these for lunch every single day. The decor in this place is also cool.

Lucky customers at Buredo


So that is apparently how much I can eat in one day. Do you have any food suggestions for the next time I’m in DC?

Featured Image used under the Creative Commons License by petitchoudc


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