A Colorful Day in Avanos

On our last day in Cappadocia, Omar from the Safran Cave Hotel, brought us to Avanos, a larger town about 10 minutes from Goreme. Avanos is well-known for its beautiful ceramics and we had the chance to visit Omurlu Ceramics. You can learn more about their story here. Upon entering, they offer Turkish tea and demonstrate pottery-making and give you a chance to try throwing pots as well.

My favorite part, however, is walking into the workshop and seeing the artisans painting and the ceramics before they are finished:

A matching set being painted on
Hittite wine jugs after and before glazing
A very intricate and very large finished plate

The showroom at the end of the tour has some very beautiful pieces; note that you can bargain your way down to about 60% of the listed price. Don’t tell them I told you that!

After the ceramics shop, I asked Omar to take us to the Avanos Friday Market for a visit. He was a little surprised that I wanted to visit the market but very nicely obliged. This market is huge and there are so many things for sale here. It’s a very interesting hodgepodge. Also, the people are uber friendly so I would definitely recommend a visit here.

Just one of the halls at the market
Delicious snacks for sales. The bottom right is essentially Cappadocian trail mix.
The girl in white ran next to her mom to get their photo taken. =)
Tomatoes and Eggplants: staples of Turkish cuisine
I love strawberries!
Lots of newly dug garlic!
And, uh, chickens!
You see that the shoe shop is right behind the pepper shop.
And the spice shop is right between the sunglasses and pants shop
Also delicious cheese for sale. Goes great with watermelon!

Also, a dish that is offered almost everywhere in Cappadocia is Testi Kebab, which is essentially a beef stew cooked in a clay pot (it’s pretty tasty; we liked the version at Sedef in Goreme). Every tourist gets the chance to break the clay pot and it made me think that the clay pots must be super cheap. My suspicions were confirmed when we found clay pots at the market for 2 TL.

Not a bad souvenir for 2 TL

After our visit to Avanos, we caught the airport shuttle to Kayseri. Hope you enjoyed Cappadocia! I know I did!

Damnit Cappadocia, even the view from the highway is beautiful.

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