Climbing all 730 steps to the Monastery in Petra

For our second day in Petra, we decided to go up to the Monastery. This trail is not as long as the trail to view the Treasury so yay! but there is very little shade so you do still have to absolutely bring water! There is a nice man that sells water just before the beginning of the trail for 1 dinar. Buy some. Also, in the summer, do not attempt this trail between the hours of 12pm and 3pm. It is WAY too hot and we saw many people give up and turn back. After those disclaimers, here are some lovely things you will see along the way before reaching the Monastery, which is beautiful and huge!

To get to the Monastery trail, walk along the main pathway past these columns on your left:
IMG_7987and this man making owl carvings on your right: IMG_7922

Then turn right at the little bridge with gratings. If you don’t turn left, you will accidentally go up some stairs and you want to save all of your stair climbing for the actual trail.

The beginning of the trail looks like this:
IMG_7923A small child may overtake you on a donkey… IMG_7925

As you keep walking, you will come upon lots of little shops. If you like anything don’t be afraid to bargain a bit. Also, if you need shade, the ladies running the shops will also let you hang out with them for a bit.

IMG_7927You will probably also see goats. IMG_7929

During the last stretch, many people will cheer you on and tell you how many more minutes, which makes it all the sweeter when you turn the corner and see this:

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the Monastery! Enjoy it!

After we did the Monastery Trail, we made our way back down and went to Aqaba, where we had an amazing dinner of chicken and rice (for 5 dinar) at Bukhara, which is right across from the Hussein Bin Ali Mosque. Throughout our travels in Jordan, we had a really awesome driver, who I would recommend for any transport in Jordan. His name is Ahmad and you can email him at And now, off to Turkey!
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