Wandering around Wanderlust Stratton

I attended the Wanderlust festival in Stratton, VT this weekend and everything was awesome (at one of the events, our instructor kept saying, “Everything is Awesome” so the Lego song is now stuck in my head…). 

The Wanderlust Festival is a four-day yoga festival (usually set near a lovely mountain) where both regional and world-famous instructors teach different types of yoga classes. I use the word yoga very loosely here; in addition to traditional vinyasa classes, there are also hikes that end in meditation or dances with no use of mats whatsoever or kayaking around a lake. And not only do you get to take these wonderful classes but you also meet loads of wonderful people. Everyone is super friendly and there’s just this sense of positivity in the air. So if you get the chance to go to a Wanderlust festival, I would fully recommend it.

Flexibility AND Strength being demonstrated on the green
Live music is everywhere
Walking through the forest during a hike
Meditating above the clouds
Anything for a good picture!
Relaxing near the Kula Market
Everything is Awesome during Blacklight Yoga

Some logistical advice. (1) Try to sign up for different types of events throughout the day. Doing only traditional yoga classes might be great for some people, but I think I would have been extremely tired of downward-facing dog by the end of my first day there if I hadn’t mixed it up with some META method or a hike. Also, if any of the bonus classes (ones that don’t count toward your 4-class daily limit) look interesting, go to those. I really enjoyed the bonus photography classes that I attended and met a bunch of cool people in them. (2) Bring a reusable water bottle. There are water filling stations everywhere and it is important to stay hydrated. (3) There is ample food and drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) available. There are local vendors selling tasty and healthy meals in the food co-op and also people giving out free samples of snacks everywhere. (4) This one is for people who are always running late like me. If you haven’t checked in at the festival, you can still go and attend your first class. We made it to the festival with minutes to spare and just went to our first class before checking in. As long as you’ve registered for the class, you are good to go even without a wristband.

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