A Food-Filled Layover in Amsterdam

I had a few hours in Amsterdam before catching my next flight so I decided to spend it exploring the city. It is super convenient to get from the airport to the city; the direct train runs all of the time and it only takes 20 minutes and costs about 4 euro. Amsterdam is a small city so you can walk it but if you are pressed for time, the tram system is fantastic; you can buy a 24 hour ticket that allows you to ride the tram at will for 7.5 euro.

My first stop was to Museumplein to check out the Rijksmuseum. This place is an art major’s dream (I’m not one but maybe in another universe?). There are Rembrandts and Vermeers and also various ship models, which are kind of unexpected and cool. The museum overlooks a nice green space and fountain where people are usually hanging out and the iamsterdam sign is conveniently located right in front of the museum if you’re into that.

After the museum, it was time to consume as much food as possible before getting on the plane. It was about a 15 minute walk to my first destination: Fritehaus Vleminckx Fries are one of my favorite foods so I was super excited to come and try this place. The fries are made to order (so very hot and crisp!) and they have lots of different sauces. I am all about that samurai sauce (spicy mayo-y goodness) so I got that and ketchup (what? I’m American!) with my order of small fries, which was just enough appetizer for my lunch at…

Gartine! I loved this place so much. It’s hidden away in an alley and the proprietors are uber friendly. It looks like a small farmhouse inside and the tableware looks like it’s from some kind old grandmother’s house. Everything here was fantastically fresh. I got a mint tea, the daily soup made from vegetables picked from their garden, and the toasted brioche with mushrooms and cauliflower. The soup was lovely and light and the brioche was simple and perfect. A lot of the other tables were having afternoon tea with a spread of different pastries, which also looked great.

After that lovely meal, I walked to Lanskroon for a stroopwafel. A stroopwafel is essentially 2 large crispy biscuits with caramel in between; I’m told that this and sprinkle sandwiches are very Dutch desserts. Lanskroon’s stroopwafel is not overly sweet and you can sit outside next to the canal as you eat yours.

My last stop was De Kaaskamer for some Gouda! This place has so much cheese and you can sample nearly all of it if you wish. Bring a wheel or uh, more than that, home for your friends or yourself!

I had an awesome time in Amsterdam and all in a span of a few hours. It’s a really laidback city and a wonderful place to just walk around.

Featured Image by Bookeditor

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