Let’s Explore NY: Mu Ramen and Gantry Plaza State Park

Let’s explore Long Island City for this date by going to Mu Ramen (12-09 Jackson Avenue), stopping by Gantry Plaza State Park, and ending the night at LIC Bar (45-58 Vernon Boulevard). You can take the 7 to Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av or the G to 21st St.

Mu Ramen has some really delicious ramen and japanese treats. To start, I would recommend the okonomiyaki, which is slightly sweet and pleasantly fishy. I really like the Tonkotsu ramen; the broth is super porky and rich and the noodles are very springy. I also like to add corn and seasoned egg. Definitely make a reservation by calling (917) 868-8903; they take same-day reservations. You don’t want to ruin the night by having to wait many hours for a table!

After dinner, take a short walk to Gantry Plaza State Park, where you will find a beautiful view of the NYC skyline. You can also wander around a bit and look at the gantries in the park, which are kind of pretty in their way.

When you are done with your walk, get a drink at LIC Bar. They have an outdoor patio (with heaters if it’s cold!) and lots of different types of beer. There is often a live band playing and it’s just a chill place to spend the night.

Featured Image by Mark Guim

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