Let’s Explore NY: Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters

Let’s explore Washington Heights and go to Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters (99 Margaret Corbin Drive in Fort Tryon Park). You can take the A to Dyckman St or the 1 to 190th St to get here.

Pick up some delicious Dominican food from Bombonada (56 Sherman Ave, Call 212-567-4900 to order). They are known to have good mofonguitos, which are smashed fried green plaintains filled with some sort of tasty meat such are fried pork or skirt steak. A large comes with 6 and should be more than enough for 2 people. They also have burritos and french fries as well as lots of juices and shakes.

Bring your lunch to Fort Tryon Park and enjoy it while looking at beautiful views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. It’s very peaceful here and there are lots of flowers that line the walks. There is also a really large public heather garden that you can walk through.

When you are finished with lunch and strolling, make your way to the Cloisters in the park. The Cloisters are actually multiple European abbeys put together to create a beautiful old monastery. It’s super awesome to walk through the building, which has lots of stone archways and serene courtyards. It also houses the Met’s collection of medieval art and has a large number of illuminated manuscripts. The Cloisters are pay-what-you-can but there is a recommended admission of $25.

Featured Image by Rufus

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