Let’s Explore NY: Flex Mussels and Joyce Theater

Let’s go to Chelsea (ish) and eat at Flex Mussels (154 W. 13th St) before watching dance at the Joyce Theater (175 8th Ave). You can take the 1,2,3 to 14th St to get here.

Flex Mussels has a really tasty assortment of seafood.But be warned, if you are trying to eat healthy, this is not the place. They are really not very good at cooking vegetables so just forgo anything green for one meal. Fortunately, there are a lot of other good dishes. Their fried oysters are super soft and crispy as are the clam strips and parmesan truffle fries. It’s very easy to eat 2 orders of the parmesan truffle fries without noticing. But the main event is the mussels which come in many different broths. The parma is cheesy and rich and there is unlimited bread for you to suck up the broth. For dessert, definitely get the donuts, which come in a variety of flavors; I like the strawberry and the Meyer lemon.

The Joyce theater is a really great venue for seeing all kinds of dance performances though I think they specialize in Modern and Ballet. Both international and local dance troupes perform here. The theater is very intimate and all the seats are good. The tickets start at $10 and increase with increasing distance from the stage. Being farther from the stage allows you to see the lines of the dancers a bit better. I’m always amazed by the power and grace of these dance troupes and hopefully you will be too!

Featured Image by Nekenasoa

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