Let’s Explore NY: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the Brooklyn Museum

Let’s go to Park Slope and have a picnic in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and then visit the Brooklyn Museum. You can take the 2, 3 at Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum.

Pick up some takeout from The Islands (803 Washington Ave). This small place serves fantastic curry goat and Calypso shrimp (comes with a great coconut sauce). It’s a very tiny place but there is some seating in the back. Call (718) 398-3575 to order.

Shake off the winter by going to see cherry blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. You can have your picnic at the Cherry Esplanade, which is near the entrance. The Cherry Esplanade is surrounded by cherry blossom trees and is very picturesque. Be sure to use a blanket or something breathable to sit on since plastic is not allowed on the green (this is a weird thing to say but I once saw someone bring a large plastic tarp). After your picnic, take a walk to the greenhouses to check out all the different plants that survive in different climates and then make your way to the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden. Along this walk, you’ll see lots of bright peonies and tulips. The sight of bright flowers always makes me excited fro the warm weather ahead. The Gardens are free on Saturdays from 10am-12 noon (or $10 afterward). If you choose the free option, you should head to the Gardens first and then just eat lunch at The Islands.

Next, walk next door to the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Museum often has interesting exhibitions going on. In the past year, there has been an Ai WeiWei restrospective and also an exhibition on killer high heels. An exhibition featuring the notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat is currently showing. My favorite permanent exhibit is the small room on felines in Egypt. It is technically free with a suggested admission of $16, but I recommend paying if you can.

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