Let’s Explore NY: Prospect and BAM

Let’s head to Brooklyn: have dinner at Prospect (773 Fulton St, Brooklyn) and catch a play or some music at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (651 Fulton St, Brooklyn). You can take the 2,3,4,5,N,Q,R,B,D to Atlantic Terminal to get there.

Have a pre-theatre dinner at Prospect. Be sure to let them know you are catching a show at BAM afterward and they will definitely make sure you get to your show on time. Prospect has really delicious food with fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is very cozy. Mondays are Burger Mondays where the main dish is a wagyu beef burger with lots of different fixings. I like the truffled, deviled eggs, the market vegetable plate (vegetables served depends on the season, in winter I’ve had radishes, turnips, and carrots), and the pan-seared sea bass with crispy cauliflower. Their menu changes often but a sure bet is always their fish entree.

After dinner, it’s a very short walk to get to one of BAM’s theatres. I’ve only actually ever seen anything in the BAM Harvey Theater so I can only speak to this venue. The decor is sort of crumbly and old but in a very nice way. The seats and stage are very modern. Everything I’ve seen here has been great. BAM is fantastic at getting great theatre companies and also great ballet companies and great composers to visit. The plays here cover a diverse range from Ibsen to Beckett to O’Neill. There is almost always something appealing on the schedule. Tickets usually start from $35 and they have rush tickets 90 minutes before the show at the box office for $10 for people 29 and under and 65 and over.

Featured Image by Steven Pisano

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