Let’s Explore NY: Meme Mediterranean and the Barrow Street Theatre

Let’s explore the West Village: have dinner or lunch at Meme Mediterranean (581 Hudson St) and then catch a show at the Barrow Street Theatre (27 Barrow St). Both of these places are located in the West Village and you can get there by taking the 1 to Christopher St or the A,C,E to 14th St.

Meme Mediterranean has really great, well, Mediterranean food. It’s in a very cozy small space and the servers are very friendly. Standouts on the menu are the Combination Platter (their babaghanoush, hummus, and falafels are amazingly fresh), the Yellow Fin Tuna Ceviche (perfectly citrus-y and large pieces of fish, more like a carpaccio really), and the Two Way Lamb (expertly spiced and very juicy).

After dinner, walk to the Barrow Street Theatre to watch something lovely (shows are at different times, so check the schedule!). The walk there is very nice; it’s quiet and you will pass by some beautiful townhouses. The Barrow Street Theatre itself is in a large townhouse called the Greenwich House. You can purchase beer and wine to drink while you watch the show. The theatre is small but wonderful. Every show that I’ve seen here has been very enjoyable and well-acted. Every Brilliant Thing is currently playing at this theatre (until March 29th) and it is a great play. The NYT Review is here. There is a lot of audience participation and it’s a reminder of all of the brilliant things in life.

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