Let’s Explore NY: Lasker Rink and Zoma

Let’s head uptown to Lasker Rink (north side of Central Park) and Zoma (2084 Frederick Douglass Boulevard). Both are these places are located in South Harlem and can be easily reached by taking the 2,3 to 110th and Lenox Ave or the B,C to 110th and Central Park.

Lasker Rink is located in the northern part of Central Park. I love ice skating in the winter; it’s such a thrilling sensation to be able to go so fast on something so slippery. Lasker Rink is great because is much less crowded than all of the rinks downtown and a bit cheaper. The admission fee is $7.50 and the skate rental is $6.50. The rink is divided into 2 rinks; one for public skating and one for the hockey league so if you get tired of skating you can watch the hockey players do their thing. Lasker Rink turns into a pool in the summer so in the summer this is also fun!

After skating, walk northwest to get to Zoma, a really lovely Ethiopian restaurant. Ethiopian food is usually served with injera, a spongy flatbread that takes the place of utensils and it’s no different at Zoma. My favorite thing to get here for two people is the Zoma Combinations A, which is served with Tibs Wett (perfectly cooked beef with a ton of different spices), Doro Alitcha (chicken simmered in a very mild herb sauce), and Gomen Be Siga (perfectly cooked collard greens). For dessert, you can share a glass of the honey wine, an Ethiopian classic.

Featured Image by Jenn Carpenter

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