Albergue El Socorro in the Central Valley

For our last two days in Costa Rica, we stayed at Albergue El Socorro. This place is about 30 minutes drive on a windy and half-unpaved road from San Miguel. We found it to be the perfect place to relax but be warned that it’s difficult to get to without 4WD; though you can ask Don Jose (the super hospitable owner) to come and pick you up at San Miguel. Albergue El Socorro is a working farm that abuts a huge rainforest.

The price for a stay is $75 per person per night and includes all meals, tours, and taxes. It’s very tranquil around the farm but there were still a good number of things to do. We really enjoyed the hikes around the rainforest, the horseback riding tours, and the farm activities. I even got to milk a cow for the first time and learned how to make cheese (queso palmito)!

A ginormous tree along the trail in the rainforest
Horseback riding in the rain
Don Jose supervising my cow milking session

The food here was great. Don Jose’s wife and daughters cook the meals and they are able to come up with a great variety of dishes. We had 8 meals here and each one was different and each portion was huge. All meals are very balanced with some sort of protein, carb, and vegetable. It’s also vegetarian-friendly; Don Jose will ask you about meal restrictions when you book the reservation. Note that Don Jose speaks almost no English so a bit of Spanish knowledge is useful here. When I asked him how he communicates with non-Spanish speakers, he said that he usually used a combination of hand gestures and Google Translate.

I’m not a big bird-watcher but we did see many different colorful birds here. They have feeding stations for hummingbirds around the eating area and a larger feeding station out in front. Birds would also flutter around the trees near our cabin throughout the day, including a huge black one with a small orange beak, which made a “bloop bloop” sound (I know, I’m so good at describing birds).

A bird on the farm

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