Farmer’s Market in Waterloo

I spend part of my time in Waterloo, Canada, which is home to the Perimeter Institute as well as the University of Waterloo. These two building have very interesting architecture and are worth exploring a bit if you are in the area. My favorite part of Waterloo, however, is the St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. The market is open on Thursdays and Saturdays all year and you can buy really fresh and local vegetables, fruits, and meats for incredibly cheap. It’s also just a cool place to wander around and spend a morning people-watching.

Fresh Corn for Sale at St. Jacob’s Market

Waterloo also has quite a few good cafes. When I’m there, I always stop by Seven Shores Urban Market & Cafe for a healthy lunch. Everything I’ve eaten here has been extremely fresh and I always leave feeling healthier. They are known for their thai rice paper spring rolls which are actually very filling and full of good things like carrots, green onion, mango, and sunflower butter. Princess Cafe specializes in paninis though I would say their bread is a little bit too thick too qualify as a panini. The sandwiches here are pretty simple but they are done well; the curried tuna melt comes with a hint of curry in the tuna but does not overpower anything. The sandwiches are served on a whole grain bun with sunflower seeds grains baked into it. For good coffee and an awesome place to work, I would recommend Death Valley Little Brother where you can also get a shot of whiskey with your coffee if you like.

Whiskey and Coffee at DVLB

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