Hikes and Food in the Toronto area

I visit Canada pretty often and always discover new things when I go there. I’ll list some of them in this post.

The nice thing about Canada is that in a lot of towns, there is enough space for a fairly large park so you can basically go for a outdoorish walk no matter where you are. We went to Dundas Peak near Hamilton and walked along the Bruce Trail in November and found some really lovely foliage.

We also found an Russian sauna called Sanduny (1027 Finch Ave W). I’ve never been to a Russian sauna before so I have no comparison but this one was very fun. They have 3 rooms: a steam sauna, a dry sauna, and a wet sauna. The dry sauna is not humid at all and is held at a nice fairly cold temperature of about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a warmup to the wet sauna. The wet sauna is slightly more humid and can go up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. One basically sits in the wet sauna for as long as you can take and then run outside and either dump ice cold water on yourself or jump into a cold water swimming pool. It sounds a bit strange but it is extremely relaxing and it makes your skin look awesome. Snacks and beer/cold drinks can be ordered when you want to take a break from the temperature.

I’ve also been able to find some rather good food:

The Harbord Room (Harbord St between Sussex Mews and Robert St) – this is the first restaurant I’ve ever visited in Toronto. They make a good burger and I had a very delicious cold calamari salad.
Chung King Garden (4394 Steeles Ave) – they are located in Markham among Asian malls. Their peking duck is excellent; the skin is crisp and you can ask for it to be made either 2 ways (skin/a bit of meat with flour pancakes and stir fried meat with vegetables served with lettuce wraps) or 3 ways (same 2 as above and also a duck soup). One of my favorite things is the duck soup so we ordered it 3 ways but this is definitely too much food for 2 people. We were stuffed by the end of dinner. Also, cash only.
Earth to Table Bread Bar (Locke St S between Charlton and Herkimer) – this restaurant is in Hamilton. They make a chicken club sandwich that is pretty much the best sandwich that I have ever had. It has sprouts and grilled chicken and bacon and fantastic bread. We also got a vegetarian sandwich that was extremely flavorful with grilled eggplant and goat cheese and pesto.
The County General (at the corner of Queen St W and Shaw St) – we stopped here after walking around Queen St West and Ossington Street. They serve great food in a laidback setting and they also make a mean Toronto. We got the Pork plate, which was awesome and came with panchetta and rilletes as well as the beet and radish salad appetizer (this dish was only ok.). We also got a fish ssam situation. The fish was steamed in a lightly salty broth and came with fried rice kernels and pickled radishes as well as a poached egg cooked in miso. This was absolutely delicious; the rice kernels complemented the soft fish really well.
The Hole in the Wall (Dundas St W between Keele and Mavety) – this is a small restaurant located in the Junction. It’s very small so there can be a wait at times but the food is excellent! Their special fried oyster lettuce wrap was amazing. Their smoked trout rillettes came with a multitude of toast pieces and the rillettes were not too salty and had the perfect texture. I ordered a schnitzel burger, which tasted like the best Austrian Big Mac you can imagine. The carrot cake was also awesome, it was a little more like corn bread in feeling than carrot cake.

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