A Quiet Weekend on Gili Meno

We took Bluewater Express to Gili Meno, which was very easy and convenient. They provided water and seasickness tablets but they were unnecessary. We landed in Gili Trawangan around noon and took a private boat to Gili Meno for $35 USD. The best way to save money on private boats from Trawangan to Meno or Air is to find other people going to where you want to go and share the cost of the private boat; waiting by the ticket terminal is a good way of finding people to share the boat with.
Boats awaiting passengers at Gili Trawangan

We arrived on Gili Meno after a slightly wobbly 15 minute ride and stayed at Ana’s Warung. Our room was extremely comfortable, the food was delicious (chocolate-banana pancakes for breakfast and fresh-caught fish for dinner), and they had beachfront palapas where you could lay all day. Gili Meno is very small and has no nightlife so it is the perfect place to relax. The beaches are white sand though there are sometimes dead coral along the shore and the water is clear so there is good snorkeling along the coast. We saw colonies of sea urchins, tiny colorful fish everywhere, and even a turtle!

The view from our palapa

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