Best Food in Maui, Hawaii

We had some really good food in Maui. Below are some of the places we liked:

Koiso Sushi (808.875.8258) – this place serves some of the best sushi I have ever eaten in my life. They don’t have a website, seat about 12 people around the sushi bar, and write all of their reservations on a wall calendar. It is fantastic. The chef serves extremely fresh fish and the most buttery uni ever. They make their own wasabi and it was slightly sweeter than what I was used to but still went very well with the fish. It’s also quite cheap; dinner for two with beer came to ~$100. For desserts, we got these cute little packages of mochi wrapped up in lotus leaves.

Geste Shrimp Truck located right outside of the airport in Maui. This food truck serves shrimp with four different sauces with a side of rice and crab salad for $13 (pretty cheap for Maui). We got the spicy pineapple shrimp to share, which was just perfect after a long flight from the mainland. The shrimp was large and fresh. Make sure to get napkins because your fingers will get sticky. 

Gannon’s – we had breakfast here multiple times. It is situated next to a golf course but the terrace has a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean and you can see all the way out to Molokai while enjoying some tasty tasty sausage and eggs or yogurt with fresh Maui pineapple and honey.

Kihei Caffe – we had breakfast here the first day we arrived. It is uber cheap and uber good. You wait in line to place your order and then you get a number and try to will someone to leave so that you can eat your breakfast sitting down. I got the banana macadamia nut french toast (sweet enough on its own that no more syrup is necessary) and my boyfriend got the breakfast burrito. We also got some fresh squeezed orange juice, which was, well, fresh.

Haliimaile General Store – this is a great place to have lunch on the way down from Haleakala or if you are generally just in the neighborhood. I had a fried fish sandwich served on a taro bun that I still dream about to this day. Their fish tacos are also awesome and come with a tasty ginger chili slaw and a pineapple slaw that complements the fish perfectly. An added bonus is that it is next to a pineapple field so you are greeted with the scent of fresh pineapples when you exit your car.

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